Superior Income Protection for You and Your Employees

Save up to 60% off your NJ State quarterly taxes with a private SDI plan

Note: Only for companies with 10 or more employees

We are proud to partner with The Standard Insurance Company to offer our business clients a private short-term disability insurance plan that they can truly count on.


Protect your income and receive these benefits:

  • Claims decisions in a week or less (NJ takes two weeks)
  • E-Contract Documents Services- online access to policies, amendments, and notices
  • Flexible plan designs over and above the state’s offerings
  • Multiple claim submission options- submit your claims through phone, fax, mail or online. (NJ offers mail only)
  • Bottom line- eliminate a tax, protect your income, streamline the leave process, alleviate administrative burden, and comply with all state and federal regulations with a private SDI plan