Reopen right with Octave

Small business has never seen anything like COVID-19 before. As we approach reopening, small businesses around the country will have to adjust their operations to keep their employees and customers safe, while complying with federal and state regulations – or else risk getting shut down AGAIN.

No business wants to see their employees get sick or can handle the liability of having customers fall ill. Not to mention the irreversible damage to reputation and community standing it would cause. And there’s always the ever present state and federal regulators, sure to be even bigger sticklers in the aftermath of the coronavirus pandemic.

Octave can help.

Our Reopening Services get your business ready to roll again, while giving you guidance on how to keep your employees and customers safe and healthy and stay compliant with old and new regulations alike. See below for more details. 

Reopening Services

Octave’s Reopening Services consist of three phases that set you up on the path to safe and healthy operations: assessment, implementation, and review.


The first phase of Octave’s Reopening Services is the Assessment phase. During the assessment phase, OSHA and ServSafe certified advisors will evaluate your business’s current set-up and operations. We will look at elements such as:

-Traffic flow and natural gathering places for customers

-Cleaning, disinfecting, and sanitation policies, procedures, and facilities

-Response and emergency plan contingencies

-Organization and structure of employee/customer interaction locations, with an emphasis on minimizing contact points

-And much more


Once we have conducted our assessment, the second phase is Plan Implementation. We will work with you to develop and execute a plan to address any gaps or potential issues our certified advisors find, driving you along the path to safety and compliant operations. Our advisors build their plan around YOUR BUSINESS, keeping in mind at all times feasibility and smooth operations so your business doesn’t suffer. We know there is no point to a plan that prevents you from operating and serving your customers!


We don’t disappear when most would! Just because the plan is in place doesn’t mean we’re done. The third phase of our Reopening Services is the Review stage. We continue to support you- our valued client– through the implementation of the changes to ensure they’re working for your employees, your customers, and- most of all- you! During this time, we will make adjustments to the implemented strategy to move towards smooth AND safe operations. And we won’t stop until you’re satisfied. After six months, we conduct our final review and issue you our certificate of safety and compliance. 

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