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Simple, clear interface for easy self-entry 
Instantaneous payroll reports
Automatic tax payment processing
Full back-end support by our certified payroll consultants
One, flat rate per month (direct deposit, contractor payments, tax filings, and year-end W-2s included)

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Octave self-entry payroll service

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There’s no need to pick and choose between fast payroll, easy payroll, and affordable payroll. At Octave, we give you all three!

Convenient Self-Entry

Secure access to your online payroll platform means you can enter your payroll from anywhere: in or out of the office, even lounging at the beach. Go you!

Affordable Service

Octave's Self-Entry Payroll boosts the bottom line. Our prices beat the other guys by 40%, on average. Treat yourself to something nice!

Intuitive Interface

Entering payroll on our platform is a snap. Pay-types are cleanly listed, making accuracy easier than ever. With all that time you're going to save, you'll need a new hobby!

Octave self-entry payroll service

Feature Highlights

Take a look at these features!

Payroll Coverage

Octave’s Certified Payroll Consultants have your back! Once per quarter, have one of our certified payroll consultants enter in your payroll at no extra charge. Go ahead, take that vacation you’ve been thinking about!

Time Clock

With the Time Clock feature, employees can electronically log their hours, saving you from any entry at all! Our system will automatically import the hours your employees register directly into payroll. Flying cars can’t be that far off!¬†

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